Why have a “Blog?”

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There are some great sites out there that tell you how to write a great blog entry. But the question still remains… why should you even have a blog?

A “blog” is — simply put — a “web log”. It’s an online journal. A way of keeping thoughts, sharing ideas, writing down daily (weekly, monthly, how-ever-often) bits of information that are relevant to you at the time and may benefit others later.

Before Facebook and Twitter “blogging” was a great way for people to keep up with one another. Checking someone’s blog was what you did if you were online and wanted to follow someone’s daily ins and outs. There wasn’t really any use for a business to have a blog attached to their website. It wouldn’t “do” anything for them because no one was likely to read it anyway. Blogging was for being “personal” — and in that way it hasn’t changed. It’s still a way for people (even businesses) to relate in a more “personal” way with their audience, users, clients and customers. The thing that has changed is that now blogging can become a viable tool.

Used correctly a blog can help search engines such as Google find you. It also gives your site the possibility of becoming “viral.” If just one person shares one of your posts with two of their friends and each of them continue on that same path before you know it you have tens of thousands of hits on your site.

There are a few things to remember when you’re trying to write a blog for your business…

  1. Use the news to be current.  If there’s something going on in the world today, write about it. The more you do this the more Google and other search engines will learn to “trust” your blog as something current and up-to-date.
  2. Keep it relevant to you.  While using the news is great to stay relevant to the world you need to stay relevant to your industry / niche as well.  Simply put, if you’re a shoe company you don’t need to be blogging about anything but shoes. That doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t take a “hot topic” and make it relevant to shoes. What shoes was the President wearing when he appeared on David Letterman? Where can you get boots like “The Avengers?”
  3. Key in keywords. While meta tags and other tricks used for “SEO” (search engine optimization) is going the way of the DoDo “keywords” in the text of a site are going to be more and more important. Learning to type something that is current to the world, relevant to you, and filled with great keywords and phrases you want to be found by is an art. Something some people do much better than others.
  4. Don’t Panic. Keeping a blog up-to-date is important, but don’t stress about it. If you’re blogging once a year maybe you shouldn’t have one. But if you’re blogging once a month you’re doing great! And making it easy to post by using tools such as being able to post from your cell phone — something Park East offers — takes away some of the excuses as to why not to blog.

So if you’re a person or a person in a business or a business with people there may be a good reason not to have a blog, but there are many good reasons to blog.

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